HTP Special Envoys HTP Special Envoys Rev. Father Eric Patrick Mbomo- Cameroon Rev. Father Eric Patrick mbomo Elected bishop of torcc in Cameroon Province of Cameroon B.P.16402 Yaounde-Cameroon Hometown: Ebolowa Country: Cameroon Cameroon has 10 regions (I've been in many areas) composed of departments, districts and districts with a population of about 15 million. The country is ruled by the civilian government, a Catholic with several departments and several political parties. It is a bilingual country where English and French, and there are a multitude of tribes and native languages. We find several installed (many Catholic and Protestant) religion, secularism is a country (accepts all religions), we also find extremely poor, the destitute, living in deplorable living conditions, people with several diseases, living in unsanitary conditions with poor housing. It is a poor and under developed. For this we want to install these projects for the development and improvement of life for the benefit of all the people of Cameroon and West Africa. II) Projects: * Build a bilingual kindergarten: purchase of land and construction a primary school land and buildings a secondary school: land and buildings in cities and villages: education for all children, with well-trained teachers. Support and help poor families to send their children to school. * Install health centers (sanitation): a clinic: land and buildings pharmacies: field and drugs, sanitation and health care to reduce disease and help the poor. * Food Distribution (food) and car distribution clothing Drug after an examination or a medical prescription: for people and poor families, the poor, the elderly, the poor, those in need, single mothers. * Improving the lives of the Pygmies: a tribe that still lives as at the time of our ancestors, they are almost naked and live by hunting and fruit bush, children do not attend school, pregnant women do not go to the hospital (they need food distribution, clothing, health care, help send children to school) * Install water pumps (drinking water) in towns and villages to reduce disease, help people who can not pay for water in cities. * Build orphanages (SOS Children's Villages for abandoned children or dead parents), shelters for street children, retirement homes for the elderly) * Build homes or centers of vocational training carpentry and crafts (furniture exhibition), computer, electrical, mechanical, automobile, medicine, communication (press, radio and television), audio-visual (e) , music (recording and production studio), automotive school (learning to drive), schools of agriculture and livestock (chickens, pigs), fish (fish), sports facilities and training centers, multilingual centers (learning several foreign languages), the houses of women (sewing, hairdressing, catering, hospitality, tourism, trade). To reduce poverty and have jobs after training = land purchase and construction * Build poultry farms and pig (to industrial livestock for the quantity and quality), agriculture (more productively) have jobs and reduce unemployment. * Build centers or complexes of Peace (very important): a meeting place for everyone, young, men, women, organizations or religious or social movements (for all persons irrespective of religion), there will have offices for the reception, listening and consulting, administration, conference facilities for retreats and meetings, educational forums, a large room for the chapel (the prayers and religious services), bathroom games for entertainment, a library for reading, research, education), a music room, small apartments and rooms for accommodation, a restaurant for food distribution, a football field, volleyball, handball. A meeting place for brotherhood, peace and love, break the walls of tribalism, hatred, wars and install love, solidarity, peace, without racism, without discrimination of race or country living as a spirit child of a single father who is God 178667224 Father Mourice Ojow The Orthodox Anglican Church Missionary Diocese of Ethiopia. He is Covering the Horn of Africa based in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia 178667225 Archbishop Leonardo Marin Saveedra Toronto Canada. 178667226