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Posted by Heal The Planet on March 9, 2017 at 3:15 AM Comments comments (4733)

Problem Statement


Recent research shows that whereas Uganda had in last couple of years took drastic measures to fight the spread of HIV and new infections, it’s evident that these efforts have fallen and new infections have now risen with over 300 contracting daily.


The HTP Gomer Project is an Initiative we have started to address the issue of Prostitution as one of the contributory factors to increasing HIV Prevalence/spread and moral decadency. Gomer is derived from the famous Biblical Prostitute whom Prophet Hosea was told to marry and because even prostitutes (sex workers) wouldn’t prefer calling them so, we opted for this name. It’s therefore a Project under HTP Women Department.

These prostitutes often time are harassed in several ways such as rape, failure to pay them by some of their customers, operate in harsh extreme cold weather capable of causing serious illnesses to them, subjected to police arrests and brutality, some die in ritual sacrifices, misunderstandings amongst themselves, unwanted pregnancies, loss of dignity and tarnishing the image of places amongst others.

The major factors for the increasing number of sex workers is due to extreme poverty levels, unemployment, school drop outs, peer pressure, depression, lawlessness amongst others.




Project Justification

Prostitution has left so many families split, increased the spread of HIV, high abortion rates, producing of bustard children and loss of moral fabric. The HTP Gomer Project therefore will start projects and actions aimed at addressing several of these issues and finding remedies.


Project Target

HTP targets vulnerable school going young women , sex workers and former prostitutes suffering form HIV/AIDS to benefit from education, equipping skills/ vocational training, discovering and improving their talents, offer access to counseling rehabilitation and medical services, offering legal services to those arrested, detained, prosecuted and imprisoned, taking care of their children amongst others.


Project Objectives


The project has the following objectives;


1- To get prostitutes out of the streets and areas of operation.

2- To rehabilitate them, giving them counseling, offer free HIV testing and medical care.

3- To create employment opportunities for them, equip them with skills like computer, hairdressing, tailoring, film production, music career, sports, catering etc.

4- Offering legal support and advocacy to them as well as fight for their basic rights.

5- To restore hope in those children born and living with HIV for a better future.

6- To provide immediate treatment and medical care to the patients in the communities.

7- To provide education services to the children of sex workers.

8- To support families stricken with extreme poverty.

9- To provide communities with free condoms, ARVs and family planning services to the people in the community.


Planned Activities


1- Identifying key spots where sex workers operate for stance already we know of Najjanankumbi, Kibuye, Speke Rd, Makindye, Kabalagala, Luwum Street, William Street, Kisenyi, Bwayise, Katanga-Mulago, Lukaya-Masaka, Mukono town, Jinja Town, Fortportal, Mbarara, Gulu, Soroti, Tororo, Mbale, Entebbe..

2- Free HIV testing and counseling.

3- Awareness and sensitization communities through drama, community radio talk shows, workshops & seminars.

4- Provision of aid and voluntary support to the victims.

5- Distribution of condoms and family planning methods like pills.

6- Construction of vocational schools, Computer learning center, vocation training and film/ music production studios, saloon..

7- Construction of home to rehabilitate them.

8- Starting agriculture farm to support the project.