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Posted by Heal The Planet on April 3, 2013 at 6:55 AM Comments comments (641)

Heal the Planet Food Program;

the 7 Billion people living on the face of the earth today will require extra millions of tons of food to sustain them for now and the future. Figures indicate that the hunger crisis prevails in several parts of the world and the shortage of food as well as the recommended diet remains a challenge even in developed countries. Obesity and malnutrition connected to the food factor must be addressed.

We do not only believe but we know that the earth can be utilized to produce more than food for consumption and that a proper diet should be a necessity to everyone. For that matter therefore Heal the Planet Food Program is aimed at allocating, developing and making use of land for all kinds of farming- from fruits, meat, cereals, vegetables, honey, and milk to every food item beneficial under the sun in abundance.

The proper application of science and technology in agriculture will continue helping to curb food crisis but there’s a need to end endangering scientific arrangements in food production such as genetically modified food that instead of sustaining life could become a threat to health and life. We would like to engage directly in research, production and distribution of proper food as well as empowering those fully specialized and engaged in the food production, processing and distribution industry.