-HTP In Special Consultative Status with United Nations-U.N  no 652078

Heal The Planet-Global Organisation

Our World, Our Tomorow

To redefine and offer remedies to challenges of yesterday, today and tomorrow.
Setting a new global agenda with programs to combat global challenges and heal the planet

Heal The Planet Holds Special Consultative Status with United Nations-U.N. We're Global Agency as a result of Universal minds & Organizations with A Redefined Global Agenda to Heal Our World.We work in Partnership with individuals, Organisations & Governments who understand that the world can be made a better place for everyone.
HTP undertakes and tackles multiple touching and sensitive issues affecting our world through programs and departments established.

Heal The Planet Global Organization-HTP reaches out to the world with Frontier Headquarters in Uganda Permitted & Incorporated as NGO Registration No 11158. We have Ambassadors in several countries including USA, U.K, Norway, Sweden, Netherland, Sydney, South Africa, Brazil and others. We do welcome Ambassadors from different countries to promote our agenda.

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HTP has been in operation since Jan 2012 and we have been key in redefining the Global Agenda. Our subsidiary organisation includes AFRICA 54 (www.africa54.webs.com) as a Non-Profit Organisation, The Joseph Project in California USA, Tohender in Norway..

HTP is as a result of the minds of people around the World, a group of individuals, Organizations, you and me who have come together and believe that we can make the world a better place no matter our differences in race, sex, color, religion/ faith, political ideologies or were we come from.

We are based on Namasuba Hill Off Entebbe Highway-Kampala Uganda.

 We want to see and ensure a world of no Conflicts, Famine, Poverty, Diseases, abuse of Human Rights, Illiteracy; we want to commit ourselves to protecting the environment, Climate, Conserving Wild and Aquatic Life; We want to bring smiles and hope to millions of children and every one anywhere who is marginalized, compromised, denied or not in position to have a better life.

We want to implement this through; 

1-Education Programs such as establishing and building schools as well as sponsoring students and research on various levels.

 2- Advocating and monitoring of Human rights Progress. 

3- Extending support through human resource, financial and voluntary services in war torn/ disaster affected areas. 

4- Participating in democratic transition process by ensuring free and fair elections through monitoring and observing elections. 

5- Environmental and Climate Protection Programs such as Advocacy, Conservation activities and Sensitizing.

 6-Building Health Facilities/Centers to confront healthy challenges at a low cost as well as assisting patients with complicated illnesses.

 7- Monitoring of aid and donations for humanitarian projects and infrastructure development in developing regions of the world.

 8- Promoting Peace. 

9-Contributing to the growing, production of food, fighting malnutrition and famine.

10-Getting involved in Research, Science and Technology for the benefit of mankind. 

11- Promoting & improving quality and morally up right leisure activities.

We shall remain Committed to to our core vales and vision.

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